Reviving Tour Packages means that consumers are willing to obey the terms and conditions that apply in Bali Awesome Tour

Terms and Conditions for Tour Packages

1. For Bali island tour package bookings, the payment system is carried out twice, the first with a down payment of 50% of the total price of the tour package, and the remaining 50% is paid in time before the tour activities begin.

2. To order a tour package, it should be done a maximum of 15 working days before D-day, this is to facilitate checking on the availability of transportation, lodging etc.

3. For DP payments can be made directly to our office or can directly transfer to the office account.

4. Booking a Travel Package can be done by filling out the Form, or can pass via WA / Phone at + + 628193645468. Email:

5. Cancellations of tour package orders if less than 7 days will be subject to a 50% refund, and cancellations of less than 4 working days no refund of the fee tariff (according to the agreement).

6. Tour participants who have the disease are expected to bring a tool or medicine to anticipate symptoms recurring again, or can report in advance to us.

7. All obstacles and things that interfere with good tourism activities that are subject to Force Majure are not entirely the responsibility of the Bali Awesome Tour and are resolved by deliberation.

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